YUMMY WINTER WARMER - Super Healthy Soba !

YUMMY WINTER WARMER – Super Healthy Soba – Recipe

On these chilly winter nights all we want is something warm and comforting to fill our bellies before a restful nights sleep – that’s after your […]
Breathing Bliss | Just Breath

Breathing Bliss | Just Breath

Forget the detox pills, fasts and other painful cleansing techniques – instead, take a cue from the yogis of India and look to the breath. Using […]

Pilates requires Serious Concentration…

Pilates is all about incredibly precise movements and it demands a lot of concentration. I tend to liken it to becoming a “Professional Race Car Driver […]

Your Sleepy Time Routine

Many of us are quite familiar with the experience of poor quality, disturbed or compete lack of sleep. Once upon a time, I too was plagued […]
Pineapple Coconut Bars With Chocolate Macadamia Nut Crust

Pineapple Coconut Bars With Chocolate Macadamia Nut Crust – Recipe

via Living Healthy With Chocolate How about the combination of coconut, pineapple, chocolate and macadamia nuts? If you haven’t tried the four together you are in for […]

Pilates Move of the Month – Rolling like a Ball

A classic Pilates exercise, rolling like a ball is always fun …. This move always stirs a memory soaked with nostalgia of me in kindergarden thinking” Can […]

Baby steps is where its at!

I have a work ethic or habit which I recently realised just doesn’t work for me… I tend to attack all my tasks in big stints. […]
Stop Stressing

Stop Stressing

At this time of year most of us are feeling a little under the stress thumb… The inspiration of the “light at the end of the […]
Fuzzy Family

Fuzzy Family

Like many yogis, I feed myself a nutritionally balanced diet and treat my health holistically. Being an animal lover I thought… why should our pets (whom […]

Heat your belly with Naukasana… and a little extra

Naukasana- Boat Pose I am sure that you have shared the “Ohh god, not again” experience much like I did when i first started practicing boat […]

Mexican Been Lasagna

Who doesn’t love LASAGNA? This Mexican inspired Vegan version is packed full of the good stuff…complex carbs, protein and fiber! You’ll give the traditional version a […]

Easy Peasy Thai Cabbage Salad

Its starting to heat up and salads are making an appearance on my plate…I struggle to find recipes that inspire me! This recipe sticks to the […]
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