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Pose of the Month: Camel (Ustrasana)
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Health, Wealthy & Wise…. Taste the Rainbow

Health = Wealth

We have all heard the line “At least I’ve got my health”. Yes, I am certainly hoping so….. But for many Australians this is sadly not the case. Being a wellness professional I am always asked about what I eat and do to keep healthy, wealthy and wise. After much questioning I decided to create an inventory for sharing information on healthy living, wellness ideas and my favorite…… tasty recipes.

As many of you know I recently became Vegan following deeply concerning reports regarding our diary and meat industrys. At first this felt little daunting, I felt that I would be  “Giving up” a lot of lifes little pleasures. To my surprise I soon came to realize in fact I was “Trading up”.

I now feel cleaner, lighter and more energetic. And as promised by many yogic texts my mind is also clearer and more capable. Most surprisingly I have witnessed a great change within the way I interact in situations which would normally arise a feeling of anger; but now comes fluid knowledge and a more appropriate reaction ensues. Not to mention that my conscience now feels unexpectedly sweeter.

Recipe of the month:



4 Easy Health Principles – Eat to Live with Foods for Life 

Yvonne Bishop-Weston a leading UK nutritionist  “Armed with a bit of basic nutrition knowledge and a bit of common sense wholefood based , Plantarian style, vegan diets can be one of the healthiest on the planet”
Key four principles to follow to attain optimum health are;

1) Plant based not meat & dairy based
2) Wholefood not half food (applied to fats as well as carbohydrates)

3) Low GL (avoiding overdosing on food and drink that has a high Glycaemic load such as corn syrup, cola and fruit juice drinks )

4) Eat a rainbow every day – (thus ensuring a good intake of antioxidants and a variety of vitamins and minerals from berries and vegetables)

Just out of interest: In last two years there has been a big 
40% More Interest in Vegan Diet spike world wide especially following the European horse meat scandal in February 2013…. most recently the Diary Calf investigation in Australia

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