Beginner Yoga Course $69 – STARTS AUGUST 7TH
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Beginner Pilates Course $69 – STARTS AUGUST 8TH

$150.00 $69.00

Join Emmanuelle on this 4 part series where you will experience the benefits of Pilates including increased core stability, better posture, greater flexibility, general muscle conditioning and a sense of relaxation as Pilates has a strong emphasis on breathe and movement. This course is suitable for almost every level of fitness and for any age group as the pace is controlled and the exercises are easily modified for certain injuries and conditions.

    • Week one, you will have achieved the basics of Pilates – alignment, breathing, core stability . Plus, you get a workout based at beginner’s level. 

    • Week two, you start to perform exercises moving more smoothly & we begin introducing you to quality functional movement.

    • Week three, you can now feel the benefits of breathing with movement, you have developed muscle memory.  Now we learn pilates in standing & balance work.  We also get to know all about our posture. 

    • Week four, we work on achieving results via breathing, movement and feel the success of strength and length being developed and built within your body. Now you start to learn how to use various small apparatus equipment and loads of fun.

Course commences on August 8th @ 6pm for 4 consecutive weeks. To register email

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