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Green Grip ECO Mats


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Natural Rubber

Emmanuelle Brown Green Grip ECO Mats are one of the worlds most environmentally-friendly yoga mats, providing the highest level of work out pleasure and giving back to the earth with every product made. All our mats are made sustainably in the Australia from natural rubber in the Far East. They provide an optimum grip and offer better cushion and more resilience than other yoga mats. You can just feel the difference. Our mats are great for Yoga, Pilates and other exercise routines.

Natural Rubber is extracted from rubber tree resins and is made from 100% natural materials. The rate of decomposition in the environment will differ and depends on different soil characteristic in different areas. The natural rubbers in our mats are purchased from Southeast Asia including Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines, and other rubber tree farms in South Asia. We don’t use rubber tree resins from tropical rainforest areas. After providing resin for 30 years, the rubber trees from these farms will be cut down, used for timber, and new trees will be replanted. This ensures sustainable rubber production.

Do the mats contain toxic materials?

The main constituent of yoga-king natural rubber yoga mats is natural rubber; the other elements are food grade additives, which are added for preservation purposes.

Natural rubber uses natural sulphur (a naturally occurring element) to vulcanize the yoga mat materials, and add an anti‐oxidant, to prevent aging.

Emmanuelle Brown Rubber Green Grip ECO mats have passed: REACH,RoHS,PAHs and other eco‐friendly & toxic related examination.

Is there Latex in Emmanuelle Brown ECO Rubber Yoga Mats?

Most of the latex in the mats should be destroyed during the vulcanisation process. However some latex proteins may persist and we cannot guarantee that our mats are latex free. Therefore we urge anyone with a latex allergy not to use our rubber mats.

How to take care of natural rubber yoga mats?

The open cell structure of our rubber mats are what provide their excellent grip and sweat absorption. Because of this the mats may retain some moisture and therefore we don’t recommend cleaning the mats with water as this may decrease the life of the mat.

For general maintenance, we suggest the ratio for vinegar to water of 1:20, wipe the surface of rubber, and dry it naturally.

If you don’t use your yoga mats for a long time, make sure dry them naturally, and store in a plastic bag. Dot not expose the mat to direct sunlight. The mats will retain their original characteristics longer if they are used frequently.

Are the mats durable?

Our mats are tested for: aging, oxidation, tear strength, fitness, twist resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature, dry and wet traction, dynamic anti‐slip, elasticity, Y compression resistance, long compression resistance, weather resistance, bursting strength, buffer,shock‐absorbing, water proof, water pressure resistance, rub‐resistance, colour fastness, colour differences analysis, hardness, and so on.

The commonly required tests for yoga mats are rub‐resistance, dry and wet traction, fitness,

thickness deviation, weight deviation, size deviation, hardness, elasticity, colour differences, and so on.

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