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Sponteneity Pays Part 2

Here are the remaining sutras from my continuing porch philosophy lessons….

As I continue to make my afternoon trips to Yogi Gis house, I giggle at the coming adventure of the long drawn out silences on each sutra, Yogi calling out the Sanskrit names and yelling “yes, yes, yes” when we finally get the pronunciation correct on the 20th time!

If you take a moment to meditate on them they can make some real deep sense. Allow them to reflect upon your state of mind and consider what feelings come up for you.

Physical Laziness

None of us need an explanation of this one! Just witness the snow ball effect of dragging yourself to your first class and joyfully bounding in anticipation to your 50th!

Lack of control of sensual gratification

Yoga helps you fill that yearning inside your mind, heart and belly for something more in life. Left unbridled we often fill it with food, sex, rock ‘n’ roll or even over working.

Delusion and misconception

Meditation and Yoga will make your mind far more clear and settled therefore making situations concepts and ideas more clear and simple…and you capable of handling them!

Missing the point

Often enough we are sooo wound up in our own busy mind packed full of our own stories, concepts and insecurities we areunable to see the writing on the wall and to learn from mistakes & life’s lessons. Yoga teaches you to think clearly and efficiently therefore helping you to make the most of every opportunity that arises.

Unsettled nature

Prior to practicing yoga I had what I call a teenage mind… one that is full of energy, beautiful desires and will power, yet it was completely scattered and unfocused. When your energy is scattered it makes it difficult to maintain achieved success. This can also come from a inflated sense of ego which sounds like “I already know that” Do you really?. Yoga helps you see yourself and your true nature; encouraging you to be inspired to learn, grow and giggle sweetly at your old self!

Ego and the obstacles of the mind.

The Tibetan Buddhists call this the grasping mind that is needing and wanting more and more! For me yoga has not only taught me contentedness but has opened a flow of blessings I had not previously dreamed of enjoying!

My philosophy lesson then finished with a sweet treat and with Yogi Ji saying (with a twinkle in his eye) ………

“Yoga sees the weakness within the human being and removes all the obstacles to strength”

Can’t say I could agree anymore…

“Be spontaneous, remove doubtfulness and Yoga will lift you up”….

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