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Stop Stressing

Stop Stressing

At this time of year most of us are feeling a little under the stress thumb… The inspiration of the “light at the end of the year tunnel” is not quite in sight yet and it feels as if there is still so much to accomplish! Here is the key to keep stress at bay and propel yourself forward.

The key: Transforming your relationship to stress is to stop letting it overwhelm you and embrace the bodies signals! More and more people are discovering that mind-body practices such as yoga, qi gong, and meditation can be hugely helpful in shifting the way they react to stress and empower yourself in the process.

The latest discoveries in science show that when we approach our bodies reaction to stress in a positive and not reactive manner; Our brain then begins to create the chemical and hormonal composition that generates WILL POWER & COURAGE!

Sooooo, how do you shift your perceptions so you no longer feel like one big rubber band about to snap?That’s where your yoga, pilates and mediation approaches come in. These teach you to tune in to what your body is telling you and to act accordingly.

With practice, this awareness will spread into other areas including your work, relationships and home life. As you learn to separate the urge to act from reaction, you begin to find that something like a canceled meeting or having a last-minute project handed to you may not rattle you as much as it once did. You can detect stressors—what Buddhists call the spark before the flame—earlier, then pause long enough to think, “Well, maybe I don’t need to respond.”

Personally, I find consciously riding the waves of the bodies physical/emotional reaction to any stress to be the most successful and ultimately uplifting response to any situation that makes you feel challenged or even down right scared. The overwhelming feelings that take over your chest or your belly just need to be heard!

ACTION: Just sit a breath for ten so minutes or how ever long in takes …… the heated feelings will eventually dissipate and you will be left with a clearer head and deeper insight into both yourself and your situation or dare I say lesson! To top it off write a journal on your experiences to help track your progression and insights!

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