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The Pilgrim Trails

Pilgrim trails Yoga and Walking Hiking Group Gold coast Australia... Hike no 1 Purling Brook Falls

The Pilgrim Trails Emmanuelle Brown Yoga and Pilates Gold Coast

Pilgrim trails Yoga and Walking Hiking Group Gold coast Australia… Hike no 1 Purling Brook Falls

Hi there Beautiful People ….

In the last few months I have been spending more and more time in nature, walking well beaten paths in our amazing rain forests… It has filled me with a sense of well being, revitalization and  moments of child like awe… Not to mention my friends  laughter when I crash or dong my head on trees

So thought …. “Lets share the nature love around”  And get my yoga and pilates family joining in on my adventures!

I want to give everyone I know a opportunity to regularly  breath fresh air, clear our minds and tone our buts!… Sounds perfect doesn’t it?

Most of us find ourselves too busy, often rushing around from one thing to the next and spending what little spare moments you have with your smartphone in hand. We have definitely gotten far away from the rhythms of nature.

But you are not alone, this seems to be the norm in today’s modern world. I believe that re-establishing a connection with Mother Earth is crucial to to feeling truly grounded, connected and just damn good! Nature will quiet your mind, open your heart and invite a great sense of ease into your body.

Pilgrim Trails is a group of nature and community loving people who walk the paths of our hinterlands, share a great pot luck meal vege/vegan and  enjoy whimsical conversation.

We we will be running hikes once a month in different locations across the Gold Coast and Northern NSW region.
Our First Hike :
Purling Brook falls Circuit  10 am on the 12th of June ,
Don’t forget to Bring :
Pot Luck Vegan/ Veggie Meal
Any instrument you have
Walking Shoes

Can’t wait to see your smile and we turn the next leafy corner of our pilgrim adventure …