About Our Pilates


5 reasons why Pilates Classes will significantly significantly enhance your strength, poise and ease of movement

  1. It is a balanced, whole body workout. You’ll work all your intrinsic support muscles as well as the ‘looking good in the mirror’ global muscles.
  2. Your flexibility will improve. Sitting all day greatly reduces mobility in your hips, spine and shoulders. Our Pilates classes will unlock you and correct your posture.
  3. You will receive personal corrections to your technique. That way you will gain the full benefit of Pilates exercises rather than doing them wrong for years without realizing.
  4. You will be directed by Australia’s foremost Pilates professionals. This means you will benefit from our expert guidance and Pilates exercise programming, helping you to achieve your goals quick!
  5. Our Pilates is evidence-based. Your workout is based on the latest science, giving you the most effective training possible.

Developing a regular Pilates practice

After your first week at Chirn Park Pilates & Yoga, you may find yourself developing a rhythm for your pilates & yoga practice. As a guideline, practicing 2-3 times each week works best for most people; it’s different for each individual, and you’ll need to experiment to find what works best for you.

“Diarise” your Pilates time in advance each week, and be strong with yourself to take the time out from all those “essential” work tasks, to nurture yourself regularly. Once you tear yourself away from the computer, you’ll be glad you did!

Getting the most our of your Pilates classes

Focus on the quality of your movement Pilates is about developing a complete, balanced physique that encompasses not only strength and flexibility but also ease, grace, balance and control. Work to embody all these qualities in your movements in and out of Pilates class.

Developing a Pilates practice is a continuous journey; it is not an overnight process. No one is going to judge you: Other students are much too focused on their own practice to notice your wobbly bits!

As long as you give your best effort, and listen to your body, you will get as much benefit out of your Pilates classes as a student doing the same exercises with a greater degree of flexibility, strength and balance. Your instructor will guide you with suggestions or an adjustment that will give you a deeper understanding of an exercise. As you continue your practice you will become more comfortable with yourself and your personal Pilates journey.

Every class is different Let go of any preconceived notions and enter each class like it is your first class. Your body is different every day, and it is normal for the class or certain exercises to be easy one day and difficult the next. Please do not be discouraged and think that something is wrong if you have a difficult class. Often your best class will be followed by your worst and vice-versa.

Keeping safe in Pilates class

Always let your instructor know if you’re injured or pregnant Even if you’ve mentioned it before, take responsibility for making sure your instructor is aware of any physical limitations you may have in class, so they can give you the safest and most beneficial practice possible.

If you have been unwell, take it easy your first couple of classes back It is very normal to feel nauseous and dizzy when you are recovering from illness. Your first Pilates class back should be approached slowly; don’t rush or push. Lie down if you feel dizzy. Although your first Pilates class back will likely be uncomfortable it will often speed up your recovery.

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