Semi Private Session


Semiprivate classes offer many of the benefits of one-to-one Pilates classes, but are performed with one to two others (maximum three) working in the same group. Your instructor can still keep a close eye on each of you and keep assisting you in working correctly and progressively. You will be working on your own program and be doing different exercise routines to the others in your group.

Many people find that pure one-to-one work outs are not entirely necessary – and that sharing their session with one or two other individuals is not only a cost saver, but also a bit more fun!

Have a friend that might want to do a semiprivate Pilates class with you?

Exercising with a friend is great motivation and incentive to stay in shape, as you’re less likely to want to let the other half of the team down, but also – it’s a fantastic way to keep you regularly connected to a special friend!

Like to do a semiprivate, or trio, but don’t have anyone to do them with?

Not a problem! Just contact us and let us know you’d like to commence this type of class, and we’ll arrange the rest.

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