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Emmanuelle Brown Yoga Gold Coast and Pilates in Southport Northern Gold Coast

About Chirn Park Pilates & Yoga Gold Coast  Classes

Established in 2010, Chirn Park Pilates & Yoga Gold Coast has grown to become one of Gold Coast’s most popular and highly respected Pilates and Yoga studios.

We’ve created a energizing, inspiring space where we love to hang out and we hope you’ll enjoy spending time here as much as we do, whether you’re doing a class or just chilling on the benches enjoying a Rosehip, Lemon grass & Ginger tea. The moment you walk through the door, it is our goal to make you feel at home.

A few of the features of Chirn Park Pilates & Yoga that transcend your experience

Wild Harvested & fair trade organic essential oils diffused in studio all day long…

Free, ever-changing and expertly blended tea the after Yoga classes.

Eclectic, enjoyable music mix’s.

Space to let your hair down – literally. And wander around in bare feet.

Chirn Park Yoga Gold Coast and Pilates, Southport

What about the Yoga and Pilates?

At Chirn Park Pilates & Yoga we approach movement training from an evidence-based perspective, whilst acknowledging the value of mindfulness practice and meaningful movement. We integrate the efficiency of science with the flow of traditional movement practices. Because of our research- based approach, we are constantly evolving the way we view and teach our Pilates & Yoga classes. Our teachers are all trained and recognized by renowned and internationally accredited  institutes.

Emmanuelle Brown Yoga Gold Coast

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